Writing Assignment 1:

Denean Sturino-Faraci was born in the year of 1970 in Kenosha, Wisconsin. She grew up with a difficult family situation that she has overcome throughout her lifetime. She attended middle school and high school in Kenosha,  a small rural town in southern Wisconsin that is filled with many middle-class families. Unfortunately, growing up Denean was not blessed with the middle-class family living style. She has one brother who is five years older that she never really connected with, and her parents created a lot of issues in her life. Her mother worked as a hairstylist and her dad was a police officer. Her mom was always out late at a bar and her dad was always with other women. It got to a point where enough was enough and her mother finally decided to divorce her father. When her parents got a divorce, unfortunately, things worsened. Denean saw her parents less and had to practically live on her own when she was in high school. A big goal of hers from the beginning was to not let herself drown due to her life circumstances. She continued to work hard from an academic and athletic standpoint. She graduated at the top of her class in high school and even made it to the youth junior Olympics for a relay in swimming. Balancing her outside life and social life at such a young age was difficult, but she did not stop after high school. 

After high school, Denean attended the University of Wisconsin-Madison for her first year of college. After this first year, she transferred to a smaller Wisconsin state school because she could not afford Madison on her own. This move did not slow down her work rate. She graduated college with a political science major and knew law school was in her future! She decided to attend John Marshall Law School in Chicago Illinois. This is where she met her husband, Peter Faraci, who changed her whole life around.  Peter had a supportive family and took her in like she was their own. They continued law school together and graduated at the same time. Denean’s graduations honors were a bit more impressive than Peters. She graduated 2nd in her law school class. 

Once Peter and Denean got married, they decided to have kids. They moved to a northern suburb of Chicago and had two daughters. Denean’s goal in life from that point forward was to never let her kids down. She knew that she could be the mom that had a full-time job and still cared for her kids during the night and day. She pushed her kids academically and athletically to be the best because she knew that they had it in them. She never gave up on her kids even when they failed. Close family and friends consider Denean a problem solver. When something goes wrong, family and friends always hold deep faith in Denean’s generosity to come and save the day. 

When people look back at Denean’s life, one might think, how did you not just quit? Denean did not quit because she wanted to make something of herself for herself and her family. To this day, Denean continues to work for one of the biggest law firms in the country while still visiting her two kids at college monthly. She persevered through all the challenges she faced in life with hope in herself by avoiding fear of judgment. Hard work is an understatement, and the fact that she did it for her family makes it even more impressive. 

Denean Sturino-Faraci work link: https://ohaganmeyer.com/lawyer/denean-k-sturino/

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